Performance Scorecards™

Measuring The Right Things In The Real World

Today, continuous performance improvement is not only critical for survival but also key to shaping the workforce to compete in a rapidly changing environment. Leaders at all levels need the essential knowledge and skills to develop a comprehensive view of organizational performance and to promote the behaviors that yield desired business results.

By measuring outputs and inputs at both organization-wide and business process levels, leaders can accurately assess customer satisfaction, "see" the cause and effect of improvement solutions put into action, and communicate with a common vocabulary among internal and external suppliers, producers, and customers.

In this highly-interactive program, Richard explains how to develop measures and feedback opportunities across your organization. Proven methods and case analyses demonstrate how to align plans and measures from the top, organization-wide level, through work groups, to individual employees. Assessment tools, practical methodologies, and personal action plans can be used immediately on the job to realize results.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Ten "bits of measurement wisdom"
  • How to measure organizational performance through "linkage" and "alignment" using the Performance Scorecard Management Cycle
  • How to define and link Key Result Areas, Key Indicators, work group objectives, and tactics

Available Supplementary Materials:

  • Softcover Book
    Performance ScorecardsTM: Measuring the Right Things in the Real World
  • Softcover Practical Guidebooks
    Measuring Organizational Improvement Impact
    Measuring Team Performance
    Measuring The Impact Of Training
    Continuous Process Improvement
    Continuous Improvement Tools, Volume 1
    Continuous Improvement Tools, Volume 2
  • Training Packages and Programs
    Line of Site With Performance Scorecards—Integrated and Introductory Packaged Training ProgramContinuous Process Improvement—Integrated Packaged Training Program
    Continuous Improvement Tools, Volume 1 TOOLPAKTM
    Continuous Improvement Tools, Volume 2 TOOLPAKTM 
  • Workshop Handouts 
  • Presentation Handouts
  • Quick Reference Cards

Time Frames:

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