HighRESULTS™ Leadership

Program Features

  • Curriculum:  Build Your Own VITAL Curriculum Program
  • Objective:  Varies by Organization
  • Program Length:  4 to 5 Days
  • Learning Tracks:  Frontline and/or Management

Given the speed of change, organizations need leaders who can rapidly plan, inspire others, and accomplish results. The HighRESULTS Leadership training program enables business skills to be quickly acquired and to produce an immediate impact in the organization while providing a cost-effective learning solution. Organizations build their own multi-day curriculum from RCA’s complementary line of VITAL Curriculum Packaged Training Programs for management and frontline personnel—creating the curriculum that best fits the needs and objectives of their organization.

Following are several HighRESULTS Leadership curriculums
built around central themes:

Building High Performance Teams I (Total Days: 4 1/2)

  • HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork (3-Days)
  • Building A Dynamic Team (1/2-Day)
  • Mastering Change Management (1-Day)

Building High Performance Teams II (Total Days: 4 1/2)

  • Expanding Personal Influence And Negotiation Skills (1-Day)
  • Managing Projects Effectively (2-Days)
  • HighPERFORMANCE Management (1 1/2-Days)

Process Improvement (Total Days: 5)

  • Continuous Process Improvement (3-Days)
  • Managing Projects Effectively (2-Days)

Management Development (Total Days: 5)

  • HighPERFORMANCE Management (2-Days)
  • Expanding Personal Influence And Negotiation Skills (1-Day)
  • Interviewing And Selecting High Performers (1/2-Day)
  • Building A Dynamic Team (1/2-Day)
  • Visioning For The Future (1/2-Day)
  • Leading With Passion (1/2-Day)

For further information about building your organization's HighRESULTS Leadership curriculum, contact RCA at (800) 756-8096 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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