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 Financial Services

INITIATIVE FOCUS:Continuous Process Improvement
Organizational Measurement/Performance Scorecards
Problem Solving
Project Management

Working with several large business units of a multi-billion dollar financial services organization, Richard Chang Associates, Inc. (RCA) partnered with the executive team to facilitate the development of a new/renewed strategic plan. This plan drove a variety of organizational changes and operating practices, including: market focus, customer segmentation, product/service realization, process improvement, and human resource development efforts.

RCA also joined forces with the internal Business Performance Improvement Team to train selected leaders/managers as “Performance Improvement Coaches” who worked as internal consultants assisting with training, deploying process improvement methodology, building team skills, and implementing scorecards/performance measures. Targeted performance goals were achieved through the implementation, including:

  • Linked and aligned performance scorecards established to help define and monitor strategic initiatives and operational effectiveness
  • Leveraged product development efforts across multiple business units and reduced overall cost by 25% by introducing streamlined product realization process
  • Conducted just-in-time training for selected teams/workgroups saving approximately $7M within one year
INITIATIVE FOCUS:Performance Management
Richard Chang Associates, Inc. (RCA) helped a business unit of a major aerospace company develop and implement a business transformation plan. Through an organizational redesign, the business unit eliminated redundancy; streamlined processes; restructured work teams and systems; implemented process management and continuous improvement; and engaged the customer in defining performance requirements and standards. As a result, a variety of business outcomes were realized, including:
  • More than $300M in new business
  • Doubled work volume with increased quality of services and support to customers
  • Reduced operating costs by 58%
  • Increased compliance to world-class contract standards from 44% to more than 96%
  • Customer satisfaction ratings of “good or better” 85% of the time
In addition, by merging workgroups and business practices, the management team realized the benefits of rapid systems integration such as a closer alliance with customers; recognition as a “world-class” service provider; and superior ratings from industry analysts and external groups.
INITIATIVE FOCUS:Organizational Measurement/Performance Scorecards
Performance Management
Richard Chang Associates, Inc. (RCA) partnered with a 1000-member, $100M business unit of an international telecommunications company to expand its efforts in transforming the culture to become a fully customer-focused organization. This included developing a strategic transformation plan with the senior team, as well as prioritizing, analyzing, and redesigning selected core processes and measures. Within a year of launching the aligned transformation efforts, the unit achieved a variety of organizational performance improvement results, including:
  • Improved on-time performance for customer deliveries to 98%
  • Increased employee satisfaction from 61% to 81%
  • Improved employee participation in satisfaction surveys by 20%
  • Nearly $10M savings from process improvements and reorganization benefits
Also, as part of the transformation, a structural reorganization was initiated that gave the senior management team the time and incentive needed to develop a new strategic vision and implementation plan—both overwhelmingly approved by the unit’s Customer Advisory Board. The results-driven strategy focused on such critical areas as organizational redesign; process improvement priorities and actions; revisions to systems to support cultural change; and flexible, yet consistent associate follow-through.
INITIATIVE FOCUS:Continuous Process Improvement
Performance Management
Richard Chang Associates, Inc. (RCA) was brought in by this leading entertainment organization to help improve the business results in its key business units. Six process improvement teams were formed from the business units and chartered to improve various systems over a six-month period—from the business planning cycle to the operations of park facilities. By combining the organization’s internal requirements and activities with RCA’s proven process improvement methodology and learning designs, the teams were able to analyze and design/redesign core procedures within each operational unit. Through the training and in-depth consulting process, desired outcomes were achieved, including:
  • Cost savings of almost $1M for each six-month tracking cycle
  • Increased productivity by up to 40%
  • Improved customer satisfaction in each of the business units
CLIENT: Consumer Products
INITIATIVE FOCUS: CPI “Coach” Certification Process
Richard Chang Associates, Inc. (RCA) was hired by a large electric power tools and home appliance manufacturer and distributor to help improve their Product Realization Process. It was determined that the most effective strategy for the organization would be to develop a select group of internal trainers to become “CPI Coaches”—eventually turning the initiative over to them, reducing the long-term cost of training and fostering internal buy-in for the initiative. The training program, customized to meet the organization’s needs, included in-depth content knowledge of RCA’s tools, techniques, and process improvement methodology. In addition, RCA further developed the trainers coaching, internal consulting, and training skills. The internal coaches then rolled out the CPI training program to hundreds of managers, supervisors, and front-line employees over a 12-month period. By combining the organization’s internal requirements with RCA’s proven process improvement methodology and learning designs, the desired outcomes were achieved, including:
  • New product development cycle time reduced from two years to nine months
  • Product development costs decreased by 40-50%
  • Customer satisfaction and acceptance index rose from low 80s to 92%
CLIENT:Insurance Services
INITIATIVE FOCUS:Continuous Process Improvement
Organizational Measurement/Performance Scorecards
Project Management
Richard Chang Associates’ (RCA) relationship with this major insurance provider included a number of initiatives, including the design and implementation of a broad-based continuous improvement program. Support included executive education sessions; Coach Certification training to develop internal line managers and staff to advise and instruct improvement teams; and the start-up facilitation of key “system design” teams. In addition, associates trained in RCA’s project management methodology—primarily administrative managers and professionals within the IT department—led various systems design and software selection/implementation projects. Through the training measurable results were achieved, including:
  • Reduced per-member monthly costs by 15%
  • Decreased administrative costs to below 10%
  • Merging of three small plans into one large, regional plan
CLIENT:Information Management
INITIATIVE FOCUS:Customer Service Performance Management
Problem Solving
Project Management
Team Performance
Spanning over four years, Richard Chang Associates’ (RCA) partnership with a Fortune 1000 leader in information management systems and services included a broad spectrum of organizational initiatives including: the establishment of a corporate university; strategic business and HR planning with the executive team; management and leadership development; company-wide team training; and customized client-specific training programs. Each initiative demonstrated targeted impact, including:
  • Development of the corporate university from a three-person “experiment” to an established team of more than fifty associates
  • Improved communications, teamwork, and problem solving capabilities in over 3,000 associates with support of team training
  • Increased productivity and more efficient time usage that resulted in an estimated savings of over $10M
CLIENT: Consumer Products
INITIATIVE FOCUS: Project Management
The snack foods division of a major food manufacturer and distributor partnered with Richard Chang Associates, Inc. (RCA) to develop a project management system that would speed the development and commercialization of new products—the life-blood of a major consumer company like theirs. Blending the organization’s internal requirements and processes with RCA’s proven project management methodology and learning designs, a tailored program was developed to drive improved performance results. As a result of the project management training, impressive growth and performance was realized, including:
  • Dramatic improvement in quality and thoroughness of project plans reported by senior leadership
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning skills led to increased confidence in successfully managing large projects
  • Stress levels reduced as project details were better anticipated and managed
  • Record gains in revenues and earnings compared to projections
  • Successfully shortened the cycle time to bring new products to market
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