Customer Service Excellence (RCA-Led)

Program Features

  • Curriculum: RCA-Led
  • Objective: Understanding and Tailoring Your Communication Style
  • Program Length: Half-Day
  • Learning Track: Frontline

Excellent customer service begins with excellent communication. You build strong customer relationships by understanding the subtle things that make your customers respond positively (i.e., plenty of detail or a glossy overview).

This powerful program explores the essence of customer service—effective communication. The DiSC instrument is used to provide insights into communication styles and to offer new opportunities for strengthening customer relationships. Upon completion, participants will be able to identify their own primary communication style and gain insight into their customers’ style—recognizing potential areas of interpersonal conflict while successfully tailoring their approach to their customers’ strengths to alleviate any concerns.

Skill-Based Program Content

  • Recognizing different communication styles
  • Understanding what your customers really want from you and how they want you to respond
  • Flexing your communication style to successfully meet the needs of your customers
  • Building better customer relationships using the DiSC Relationship Development Plan

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