Line of Sight With Performance Scorecards™ (LOS)


Program Features

  • Objective: Develop and Deploy Critical Performance Measures
  • Program Length: Three Days/Flexible Training Options
  • Learning Track: Leadership

Studies show that organizations that use performance measures effectively achieve superior business results. With the "right" measures, you can more easily see and treat performance problems and reinforce business outcomes for customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Following our proven, six-phase Performance Scorecard model, your managers, supervisors, and leaders can develop and deploy critical performance measures, establishing a clear "line of sight" between the strategic goals of their senior managers and the tactical goals of their workgroups to:

  • Drive the achievement of organizational goals
  • Provide targeted direction and align employee efforts
  • Sustain ongoing performance and continuous improvement
  • Guide and manage shifts in business direction
  • Realize balanced results across Key Result Areas and stakeholder groups 

Systematic Approach Optimizes Results—The highly-interactive Line Of Sight Packaged Training program offers a proven, practical approach to developing measures and feedback opportunities across the organization. Incorporating on-the-job application with classroom learning, it enables participants to draft a functional Performance Scorecard for their workgroup that includes a Scorecard Summary, a Scorecard Glossary, and a Scorecard Report. Then, with these components developed, they prepare an action plan for finalizing and implementing their scorecard within the organization.

Deployment Program Content 

  • Session 1
    Introducing Performance Scorecards (1/2-day)
    • Scorecards: The foundation of your business performance management system
    • Define the three components of a scorecard
      • Scorecard Summary
      • Scorecard Glossary
      • Scorecard Report
    • Review the Performance Scorecard Management Cycle
    • Introduce the SolvNET case study
    • Prepare for "Phase 1: Collect Scorecard Inputs"
    • Define vertical and horizontal alignment
  • On-The-Job Application (Approximately 2 Weeks)
    • Apply "Phase 1: Collect Scorecard Inputs" to your workgroup's scorecard development
    • Collect your organization's top-level vision, mission, core values, and core passions
    • Collect scorecard information from the tiers above yours
    • Identify your workgroup's core business processes
    • Identify your workgroup's key customers' requirements
  • Session 2:
    Drafting Your Workgroup's Scorecard Summary and Scorecard Glossary (2 Days)
    • Apply "Phase 2: Create Your Scorecard" and "Phase 3: Cultivate Your Scorecard" to develop your workgroup's scorecard
    • Adopt Key Result Areas for your workgroup using Phase 1 inputs
    • Determine Key Indicators within each Key Result Area
    • Define your workgroup's Key Indicators, their calculation method, and their source of data
    • Plan to display your data on your workgroup's Scorecard Report
    • Understand how to cascade your scorecard to the next level in "Phase 4: Cascade Your Scorecard"
    • Understand how to connect your scorecard to individual plans in "Phase 5: Connect Your Scorecard"
    • Understand how to evaluate your scorecard deployment cycle in "Phase 6: Confirm Your Scorecard"

Flexible Faciliatation Options

The Line Of Sight With Performance Scorecards™ (LOS) Packaged Training Program is designed to transfer knowledge through five modular units. The "Preferred" Learning Approach (described above) includes two sessions—a half-day session followed by on-the-job application and a final two-day session. Additional facilitation options are available, including:

  • "Interval" learning approach Five sessions (half-day each) with on-the-job application between each session
  • "Intensive" learning approach—Consecutive two-and-a-half-day session
  • "Just-in-time" learning approach—Targeted learning and application sessions conducted on an " as-needed" basis, according to participant requirements

Comprehensive And Integrated Program Materials

Facilitator KitOur easy-to-use Facilitator Kit provides internal trainers and consultants with step-by-step instructions, comprehensive program content, and all the tools needed to conduct successful and highly-interactive training sessions. This kit includes the materials listed below and must be purchased to order Participant Kits:

  • Facilitator Guide:
    An essential component, this guide aligns with the Participant Workbook and contains content knowledge, delivery notes, activity instructions, exercises, discussion questions and answers, and more to complete LOS learning objectives.
  • Deployment Guide:
    Comprehensive resource materials enable you to market and conduct the program as well as evaluate its success. They provide the facilitator with the tools to become an organization’s internal consultant and team builder.
  • Online Tools:
    Available as a CD or an e-mail attachment, this complete collection of visual aids (including a PowerPoint® Presentation) and electronic forms increases the impact of your LOS training.
  • Quick Start Guide:
    Handy reference quickly familiarizes the facilitator with the LOS program components and helps prepare for training.
  • Participant Kit:
    Designed for reference, this kit contains all the participant materials listed below.

PARTICIPANT KIT*Contents include a collection of practical, value-added tools. Kit contains:

  • Participant Workbook:
    Workbook includes complete LOS program content and all necessary application tools and reference materials required to learn the subject matter and to use it on the job.
  • Online Tools:
    Available as a CD or an e-mail attachment, this handy collection of electronic forms and reproducible worksheets support ongoing application.
  • Participant Pre-Work Package:
    (The following materials are sent prior to attending the first LOS training session to better prepare participants.)
  • Practical Guidebook
    • Measuring Organizational Improvement Impact
  • Softcover Book
    • Performance Scorecards—Measuring the Right Things in the Real World
  • Certificate of Completion:
    Pre-printed certificate (with space provided for participant’s name and facilitator’s signature) provides post-training recognition.

    Online Preview of Participant Workbook 

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Implementaion Support Options

Line Of Sight With Performance Scorecards—  
A "How To" Boot Camp For Achieving Measurement Success
In this "hands-on" program, participants will receive personal coaching from Richard Chang, CEO of Richard Chang Associates, Inc. (RCA) and internationally-recognized authority on performance improvement, organizational transformation, and results-driven scorecard methodology. The "learn by doing" approach will help them develop the skills needed to build their own scorecard based on actual, work-related data or a "real-world" case example. In addition, participants will discover critical implementation challenges and success strategies, and expand their capabilities to coach and train others to define and use the "right" measures that drive business performance results. It is highly recommended that facilitators of the Line Of Sight With Performance Scorecards program attend this on-site five-day intensive learning experience.

Customized LOS Coaching—On-site and telephone consultation (by appointment) is available to support a client's specific needs in LOS program content and/or facilitation skills.

Performance Management Software-pbviews —This award-winning deployment solution available through performancesoft supports RCA's proprietary six-phase Performance Scorecard methodology. Used in more organizations than any other software program in its category, pbviews provides a proven and user-friendly implementation option. For additional information, visit or contact an RCA representative.

SUPPORT TOOLS: A variety of off-the-shelf resources are available to support and enhance the LOS Packaged Training Program. Visit RCA's e-Store


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