Program Features

  • Objective: Enhanced Interpersonal Skills
  • Program Length: Three Days/Flexible Training Options
  • Learning Tracks: Frontline, Leadership

It has been shown that better interpersonal skills lead to better organizational performance. By understanding your own preferences and those of the people you work with, you can better support each other, communicate with each other, and accomplish more within your daily routines. HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork™ (HIT) provides participants with the essential skills and knowledge to function effectively with others within their organization and their team.

Following our systematic methodology, participants learn essential strategies and techniques for:

  • Influencing others by flexing communication styles
  • Sharing feedback to continuously improve performance
  • Maximizing meeting effectiveness through active participation
  • Addressing differences and resolving conflicts to come to agreeable decisions
  • Collaborating for creative problem solving

Systematic Approach Optimizes ResultsThis highly-interactive, five-unit HIT Packaged Training Program presents the critical aspects of interacting in productive ways, solving problems using a systematic approach, and the practical content and implementation strategies needed to improve team synergy and performance. Training incorporates a variety of case analyses, skill application exercises (using actual work processes), personal action planning, and practical reference tools for use on the job.

Skill-Based Program Content

  • Engaging With Understanding
  • Recognize teamwork foundations
  • Understand team member communication styles
  • Create strategies for building team communication
  • Sharing Constructive Feedback
    • "Tune in" to communications cues
    • Plan and deliver feedback
    • Handle feedback effectively
  • Participating Actively In Meetings
    • Plan for productive meetings
    • Conduct meetings effectively
    • Evaluate meeting success
  • Resolving For Consensus
    • Choose conflict-resolution strategies
    • Accept team diversity
    • Apply team decision-making techniques
  • Solving Team Problems
    • Implement a six-step problem-solving model
    • Apply problem-solving tools/methods
    • Generate creative solutions

Flexible Facilitation Options

The HighINVOLVEMENT Teamwork Packaged Training Program is designed to transfer knowledge through five modular units. Flexible facilitation options include:

  • "Intensive" learning approachConsecutive three-day session
  • "Interval" learning approach
    • Two-day session with on-the-job application and one-day follow-up session
    • Three sessions (one day each) with on-the-job application between each session
    • Six sessions (half-day each) with on-the-job application between each session
  • "Just-in-time" learning approach—Targeted learning and application sessions conducted on an "as-needed" basis, according to participant requirements

Comprehensive And Integrated Program Materials

Facilitator Kit—Our easy-to-use Facilitator Kit provides internal trainers and consultants with step-by-step instructions, comprehensive program content, and all the tools needed to conduct successful and highly-interactive training sessions. This kit includes the materials listed below and must be purchased to order Participant Kits:

  • Facilitator Guide:
    An essential component, this guide aligns with the Participant Workbook and contains knowledge, delivery notes, activity instructions, exercises, discussion questions and answers, and transitions between points to complete HIT learning objectives.
  • Implementation Guide:
    Comprehensive resource materials help you market and conduct the program as well as evaluate the program’s success. They provide the facilitator with the tools to become an organization’s internal consultant and team builder.
  • Online Tools:
    Available as a CD or an e-mail attachment, this complete collection of visual aids (including a PowerPoint® Presentation) and electronic forms increases the impact of your HIT training.
  • Quick Start Guide:
    Handy reference quickly familiarizes the facilitator with the HIT program components and helps prepare for training.
  • Participant Kit:
    Designed for reference, this kit contains all the participant materials listed below.

Participant Kit*Contents include a powerful collection of practical, value-added tools aligned with the HIT methodology. Kit contains:

  • Participant Workbook:
    Workbook includes complete HIT program content including all necessary application tools and reference materials required to learn the subject matter and to use it on the job.
  • Online Tools:
    Available as a CD or an e-mail attachment, this handy collection of electronic forms and reproducible worksheets support ongoing application.
  • Participant Pre-Work Package:
    (The following materials are designed to be sent to participants prior to attending the first HIT training session):
    • Assessment Tools:
      • DiSC® Instrument
      • Team Member Skills Assessment
    • Five Practical Guidebooks - The self-instructional guidebooks are incorporated as part of the program learning methodology and used before, during, and after the training:
      • Coaching Through Effective Feedback
      • Meetings That Work!
      • Step-By-Step Problem Solving
      • Success Through Teamwork
      • Team Decision-Making Techniques
  • Certificate of Completion:
    Pre-Printed certificate (with space for participant's name and facilitator's signature) provides post-training recognition 

    Online Preview of Participant Workbook 

 Implementation Support Options

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