Becoming A Licensed Affiliate


The Licensed Affiliate is “RCA's International Representative.” As such, it is critical that we look at a variety of factors when considering expansion into other countries and exploring partnerships with new Affiliates.

Economic Factors (Business Climate of Particular Country)

Financial Indicators

  • Exchange rate
  • Labor costs
  • Price sensitivity and elasticity for RCA products (What price will the market bare?)
  • What is the average daily rate for a consultant? Trainer? Participant Materials?

Productivity Indicators

  • What is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
  • How is the country ranked in the world in terms of education, work force productivity, worker attitude, worker skills, turnover, etc.?
  • What skill sets do the people in the business community need to develop most?

Customs, Duties, and Tax Issues

  • Are there restrictions on products imported into the country?
  • Do any trade restrictions or obstacles exist that RCA needs to be aware of?
  • Does the government levy special taxes on products and/or services?
  • Is the currency exchange favorable and easy to calculate?

In addition to learning more about the business climate of the country, we must determine if a partnership would be mutually beneficial for RCA and the potential affiliate organization based on a range of criteria. Determining factors are listed below.

Potential Affiliate Factors

Current Business Operation

  • Are you currently in the HRD business?
  • What other businesses, if any, are you in?
  • Who are your major clients?
  • Do you represent other training vendors? If so, who?
  • Do you represent your own product line? If so, what type of products?
  • Does your organization represent a product(s) or service(s) that may be considered as competitive to RCA offerings? If so, what?
  • How many trainers do you have?
  • What is your total staff size?
  • How do you go to market?
  • Where are you located?
  • Are you financially sound?
  • Do you have a market niche?
  • Have you worked with other US firms before?
  • What requirements do you have of RCA?

Criteria for Being a Licensed Affiliate

  • Will translate and adapt RCA training programs as required to meet the customer and market needs at their own expense.
  • Pay a royalty to RCA for materials reproduced and seminars conducted (in English or other language(s))
  • Required to attend Facilitator Training for each Packaged Training Program represented
  • Must meet or exceed a minimum annual revenue goal set for the territory
  • Must be collaborative by nature
  • Organization must be financially sound
  • Provide a good plan for developing RCA programs in their market
  • Has a need for two or more training programs and desire to use full range of RCA products

Benefits of Being A Licensed Affiliate

  • Exclusive territory*
  • Products and training materials available at deeply discounted prices
  • RCA materials may be reproduced as needed in their country under a licensing agreement (For licensees located in non-English speaking countries, translation and production of the RCA materials will be required)
  • Ongoing support from RCA
  • Marketing materials/support from RCA
  • Ability to partner with RCA on international training engagements on an as-needed basis

    *Applies to RCA training materials not publications 

The Licensing Agreement…

If we determine a licensing arrangement is a mutually beneficial option, we will finalize a formal agreement. Typically, this RCA agreement requires our Licensed Affiliates to:

1. Complete a Business Plan to promote the RCA collection of Packaged Training Programs and products which clearly identifies the Licensed Affiliates':

  • Marketing Plan(s)
  • Sales Strategies
  • Training/Consulting Strategies

2. Provide translation and/or culturalization of our programs into your local language as required.

3. Pay a royalty to RCA for materials translated and printed for resale and seminars delivered using our topics. These royalties will be reported and paid on a quarterly basis.

4. Sending one or more qualified trainers to RCA for instruction on our programs. There is no cost for training; however, affiliate pays related travel and lodging expenses.

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