RCA’s VITAL™ Curriculum is the foundation of the Business Performance Management System, providing management and frontline personnel with a powerful and complementary learning experience. With a wide range of packaged training programs and training services through our Practical Learning Institute™ (PLI), RCA’s VITAL Curriculum builds critical capabilities in teamwork, project management, performance measurement, leadership development, performance management, and more.

Visioning Strategic Direction (Organization-Wide Vision And Values)
Inspiring A Passion-Driven Organization (Motivation And Loyalty)
Teaming for Superior Results (Communication, Problem Solving, And Customer Service)
Achieving Measurable Success (Performance Management And Measures)
Leveraging Resources And Systems (Innovation And Productivity)

RCA’s award-winning VITAL Packaged Training Programs incorporate years of client-based research and offer maximum flexibility. Program materials are highly interactive and include case scenarios, mini assessments, application exercises, action planners, and other tools that can be put to use immediately on the job.

For those with specific improvement initiatives or who are interested in enhancing their current curriculum offerings, the VITAL Topic-Specific Packaged Training Programs are ideal. The half- and one-day programs focus on targeted business skills and are designed to increase management and frontline capabilities. Organizations building critical skills in key performance areas, or involved in organization-wide implementations, will find the VITAL Integrated Packaged Training Programs instrumental in the process. The comprehensive two- and three-day programs provide the critical strategic and tactical capabilities needed to significantly impact business performance.

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